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Returns, Shortages, or Damaged Products (RMA)

We at strive to deliver our product to your door without error. But there are times we or the shipping company will make a mistake, and understand there are times that you, our Customer will order in error as well. As such, please read and follow our policies so that we can solve any problem as quickly and smoothly as possible.

First and foremost, we require notification of any problem within 72 hours of receipt. With each Shipment we include detailed instructions on how to check in your order and what to do if a problem exists.

The Basic procedures are as follows:
  1. Check your order and determine what the problem is.
  2. Do Not Open or Use any Problem Item, as we will not accept it back for Return/Credit.
  3. Fill out the Return/Problem Report (RMA) online Here.
  4. We will then contact you with a solution and if a return is necessary a RMA#
  5. Return the product as per our Check-In Instructions.
  6. If a Credit is due, we will credit your Credit Card Promptly upon Receipt or Resolution.
For more Detailed Instructions please Click Here

My Fault, Your Fault, Their Fault....  Who cares?  I just want it fixed.......

Your Error
First and foremost, we offer a 100% Return Guarantee Policy on Customer Order Errors for any reason. We do not accept back opened or used products, and do not pay for the return shipping. Returns accepted up to 30 Days from Shipping Date.

Our Error
Though we double check orders and verify weights and counts, we do make mistakes. As well we have shipped damaged product unknowningly in the past. If this is the case, we usually will simply credit your account, rather than re-ship. If you must have the few damaged or missing pieces we will accommodate. We will only reship by Ground Service.

Shipper Error
If the package arrives in an obviously damaged box (Crushed, Opened, Water Stained, etc). We request (but do not require) that you take a picture of the box and product to help us submit a claim. This problem will need to be addressed with the shipper, but we will replace all items at once.

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