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Confetti Ships WorldwideShipping Charges listed on our site are

Shipping Service and Method

We ship all international orders though the United States Postal Service either by Express Mail® International or Priority Mail® International. For the US Postal Service Website, click Here. We do not offer service via Fedex, as they do not always collect Custom Fees, and we have been charged back due to our customers failure to pay.

How do I know the Costs for Shippng?
Easy, without even registering as a Customer, simply add a few items to the cart, then in the Cart at the bottom you
can select “Click Here to Estimated Shipping Charges” link. Of course the estimate may change if you add more items to the cart later, but you can see a pretty good estimate by doing this. The most accurate way is to add EXACTLY what you want to the Cart, and click that same link, or proceed to check-out and you will find the same info on our Shipping Selection Page.

How do I know the Costs for Customs, Taxes (VAT), Duties, or Broker Fees?
Good question! Answer is UNKNOWN, as we ship to over 100 Countries, and each have their own rates. The best we can suggest is for you to find your Country Specific Taxing Authority Website that deals with this information.

We have found a VAT Source Here…
We have found the United Kingdom Government Link Here…
The International Harmonize Code for….. (UK VAT, Tariff as of June 2008)
Confetti is 9505.90.4000 - - - - (UK VAT 17.5%, Tariff 2.7%)
Feathers are 0505.00.00 - - - - - - - (UK VAT 17.5%, Tariff 0.0%)
Garland are 9505.10.2500 - - - - - -(UK VAT 17.5%, Tariff 2.7%)
Glitters are 3212.90.0050 - - - - - - (UK VAT 17.5%, Tariff 6.5%)
Mailing Tubes are 4817.30.00 - - - (UK VAT 17.5%, Tariff 0.0%)
Plastic Bags are 3923.10.1000 - - - (UK VAT 17.5%, Tariff 6.5%)
Powders are 3212.90.0050 - - - - - (UK VAT 17.5%, Tariff 6.5%)
Shred are 9505.10.80002 - - - - - - (UK VAT 17.5%, Tariff 2.7%)
Tintzl are 9505.10.8000 - - - - - - - (UK VAT 17.5%, Tariff 2.7%)

Please Note the Codes above may not be exact, but we have used them successfully before.

All TAXES, CUSTOMS, DUTIES, BROKER FEES and other non shipping charges are the responsibility of the Customer. If there are any of these charges, you will be billed at the time of delivery by your Countries Taxing Authority. If you refuse payment, the shipment will not be returned to us, instead the goods will be abandoned. No refunds will be issued by

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