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Confetti.Com Shipment Check-In

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Please check your shipment carefully

Contact Us within 3 Days of Receipt

The product in this package left our premises in good condition. It has been checked twice and every precaution has been taken to avoid errors. If you see something wrong with your shipment please follow these procedures to ensure a quick resolution. 


  • Please go back to the box, and examine all packing material thoroughly. Many times the missing goods (Especially small items) are "lost" in the packing material that is used for protection.
  • Please review the packing list. Verify that we have actually shipped the product. It might be on Back Order.
  • Decide if you want us to ship the goods missing, re-order at a later time and/or credit your account.


  • Please determine if the product was damaged in transit, or if the damage is a manufacturing error.
  • Freight Damage- please separate the good from the bad, and place the bad INSIDE THE ORIGINAL BOX WITH THE ORIGINAL PACKING MATERIAL.  USPS, or FedEx require that the packing be kept in order to validate any claims.  Also, please write all damage to the product, and the box, on the packing slip. We will contact the USPS or your local FedEx office and request a "damage inspection" at your location.
  • Manufacturing Damage- please separate the good from the bad.  Please write down what the damage to the product is.
  • Decide if you want us to re-ship the goods damaged, re-order at a later time and/or credit your account.


  • We wish for you to be 100% satisfied with our service, and products. If for any reason you do not want the product ordered please re-pack the items you are wishing to return.
  • NOTE: No OPENED Items or Custom Products can be returned.
  • CONTACT US WITHIN 3 DAYS OF RECEIPT to obtain a Return Authorization (RMA#).
  • Finally place this RMA# on the face of the box, and return the goods pre-paid to us.  Please place in the box the packing list, and any other documentation you want us to review.
  • Even if you are returning the entire order, you may keep the Confetti Gift Pouch you received.


  • Upon receipt of your return, we will check in the product, review your documentation, and calculate the Credits, Debits and Adjustments.  We normally process the return and credit your Credit Card within a few days of receipt.
  • Credits, Debits and Adjustments.  We will add any Taxes paid on the product returned.  We will deduct various amounts as well, but please note:  WE DO NOT DEDUCT ANY EXTRA CHARGES (i.e. Handling Charges, etc).  Some possible deductions include:
    • Freight (Only If you received Free Freight);
    • Credit Card Fees (Only if we incurred fees);
    • Discount Benefits (e.g You order 10, returned 9, but received the Discount for 10);
    • Confetti.Com Reward Points Earned, if any.
  • Again - We will not chargeback anything above and beyond what is correct.  If you wish an estimate BEFORE sending back the items, please let us know and we will do the calculation before hand.

ALL PRODUCTS - Please follow the guidelines below:

  • Locate your packing list (and Invoice if available), and write down the items in question before calling.
  • If you wish to initiate a return online, you can log into your account (Enter your e-mail, Password), select "My Account" and then select the link - "Order History, Returns, Help Desk and Photo Upload".  Or Click Here
  • Only boxes with an Authorized RMA# will be accepted at our dock.


Call Toll Free at:  844-266-3363  *  Local 323-266-3363  *  Fax 844-266-3363

Return Product to: Confetti.Com 5640 Shull Street Unit X, Bell Gardens,  CA 90201

Email us at:  or Visit us at


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