11.00 - General FAQs

Facts, Facts, do you really want to know the facts?

General Questions

Who is Jimmy Jems?

Jimmy is the Confetti King.

He was named after one of our first confetti (Jimmies) back in 1987. Those chocolatety sweet sprinkles on Ice Cream was the perfect name for our little jem!!! Jimmy will always be a kid; playful, fun and mischievous (watch before you open your next greeting card - Yikes!!). Jimmy has a sister whose name is Jenny, and they both have helped create the largest line of Confetti in the World. Their motto as you might have guessed is "Go on a Sprinkle Spree!!". Oh do they love to do that!!!!

Did Jimmy invent Confetti?
  • Well, No, but then Yes!. You see, Confetti has been around for a very long time. Some say back to the French in the 1890's. And of course we have all seen the ticker tape parades at Time Square. That surely must count as Confetti. But in 1987, Jimmy thought to make Confetti out of Metallic Shapes. First starting with Hearts, Stars, Polkadots, and of course Jimmies! Since then we have added over 250 Shapes and over 2000 Shapes, Color and Mix Combinations. The World Needs Confetti!!
Where was Jimmy Born? (Confetti "Re-Invented"?)
  • You guessed it - had to be ..... The home of Glitz, the home of the Stars, that shine bright, and twinkle alight .....  Hollywood!! Well to be exact, in Culver City on a lot that was once the backlot of the old MGM studios, Desilu studios and now Sony Picture Studios. This was the location where such movies as "Gone with the Wind" were filmed as well as, old TV series as "Hogans Heros"were shot. Jimmy is very proud of is origins, as you might have guessed.

11.01 - Product FAQs

Facts, Facts, do you really want to know the facts?

Product Questions

What can Confetti be used for?
  • Sprinkle In Gift boxes, Invitations, Greeting Cards, Decorate Party Tables. Use In Pinatas, Throw at Weddings and Graduations. Add to Halloween Treats or around your Christmas Decorations. Put in Balloons, on Picture Frames, in your art project or on a banner.
Do you make Custom Shaped Confetti?
  • Yes. We manufacture confetti, and are able make a custom die for you. Die Charge runs $1500 to $4000, depending on the complexity of the design. Lead times are 6-8 weeks, and the minimum purchase is only 25 lbs. Please contact our SALES DEPARTMENT for more specific information
How many tables can I decorate with a pound of Confetti?
  • 25-50 tables per pound, depending on the size and shape of the confetti and how liberally it is used. As well, it also depends on how wild and crazy you are!!
How many invitations, envelopes per pound?
  • You can fill about 125-250 envelopes per pound. This is 8-16 envelopes per oz.
How many pieces of confetti per pound?
  • The great unknown. As every confetti has it own shape and thus area and weight, we simply do not count. For example a 1/4' Square would weigh more than a 1/4" polkadot (circle), and of course a 1/2' Star, would weigh more than both. Then we have the mixed shape confetti that would never have the same exact proportion of shapes per each lb. Lastly, the weight of the material we use sometimes fluctuates. NIGHTMARE!!! So, we decided from the beginning to sell by weight and not by volume or piece. But, for this website, Jimmy instructed the crew in the back to come up with some numbers and here it goes. Remember - this is an estimate ONLY. In a pound there are approximately 50,000 - 1/4" Polkadots, and 10,000 - 3/4" Stars.
How big is a pound bag of confetti?
  • A pound of confetti can be dramatically different between styles. The difference is obviously due to the size of the shape, but a significant factor is the complexity of the shape, and how they intertwine. A Polkadots (circle) has no edge to stick so they stack, while Happy Birthday words will intertwine until the cows come home. Jimmy again, asked the crew to come up with some figures. In a Half Gallon Milk Carton, there is approximatedly 2 lbs of 1/4" Polkadots, and 1 lb of Happy Birthday Words.
Can Confetti be applied to fabric ? If so, are they machine washable?
  • Yes they can be applied with fabric glue. But Hand wash in cold water ONLY. As well test first. Do not machine wash or dry clean. Also, stay away from red as it is a notoriously color that bleeds. If you are a very large bulk buyer we can custom order metallic PET Film that can be hot washed or dry cleaned. Minimum order is approximately 500 lbs of a color.
What is your Confetti made of?
  • First, we do not make or color the material. We buy the material and then place it on our cutting machines. We use a wide variety of materials. Most notably PVC and PET. Both are plastics. Some colors such as White, Black and Pastels are Extruded, basically meaning that the color is mixed into the plastic before it is made into plastic sheets, then rolls. So if you cut into the sheet it will be completely white, or black though out. Iridescents are made by applying a thin iridescent film to a clear plastic sheet. Hypothetically this film could peel off, but this rarely happens. All the other colors are made by "Metalizing" (or one could say - "by Painting"), the surface of ONE side with a metallic color. So, you could scratch one side with no change, while scratching the opposite side would scrape away the color.
What can your Big and Little Shapez be used for?
  • These are the 2" and 5" version of Confetti. They are commonly used in scrapbooks projects, school craft projects as well as name tags, table place tags, christmas tree ornaments, balloon dangles, and banners.
Can you write on Large Shapes, and Metallic Sheetz?
  • Yes. You can use a permanent Marker (Sharpie®) or Paint Pen. As well try our Glue Pens to add glitter or Powder Highlights. and our Party Popz to use the Shapez as Centerpieces or Name Cards at your party or events.
What are your Custom Confetti, Large Shapes, and Metallic Sheetz made of?

All are cut from of PET Plastic