Before Jimmy started his company he was a Paper Boy for the Old Los Angeles Herald Examiner.

3 Hours a Day, Seven days a week. for $30 month. No wonder he now enjoys Reading, Bicycling and Sprinkling Confetti around the World to all that wish Color and Fun in their lives.

Our History

Briefly, we started business in 1984 making handmade greeting cards out of our apartment in West Los Angeles. In 1987 we thought it a neat idea to make plain 'ol Confetti in Shapes out of metallic material. So we built the FIRST CONFETTI MAKING MACHINE, and today we are The Largest Manufacturer and Seller of Confetti in the World.

Our History in Catalog Covers

We have gathered 12 Catalog Covers published over the last 25 years. Take a look Here

Our History in Advertisements

Take a look at a few fun advertisements from our past Here.

Events, Magazines and Books

Our product is fun, useful, and popular, and has been published in hundreds of publications over the years. From Martha Stewart, to Woman's World Magazines to the MTV Awards show. Please take a look Here.

Awards and Articles

We have been honored to be included in the 1992 Inc 500. As well we have had numerous Trade and Packaging Awards bestowed on our Designs and Product. As well we have gathered a few articles published on us. Please take a look Here.


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