Be aware that your order will automatically generate a tax amount if it is SHIPPING TO AN ADDRESS in the State of California (Not Billing) AND you have never submitted a California Resale Declaration with

If this is your FIRST order requesting a Sales Tax Exemption, you will need to provide us with a Valid California Resale Declaration. As such we will hold your order for up to 3 days to accommodate your request. After 3 days we will automatically ship your order with tax and will be unable to reverse the tax if applied. Be assured, that once received we will process immediately and remove any Sales Tax from any unshipped order before your credit card is charged.

Please do the following to process this order for Resale Status.

  1. Enter your California Resale Number on in the order notes (not required).
  2. Print the Resale Certificate located here .
  3. Verify that your Number, Business Name and Address is Valid here.
  4. Fill out the Certificate completely, Sign, Date and fax back within 2 days.
  5. Once received we will verify the information. If valid, we will remove any tax amount shown on your order.

If you have a Resale Number on File and this order is for PERSONAL USE, Please

  1. Note this in the Order Comment Section with the words "NOT FOR RESALE"
  2. Not doing this will have the order sent with no tax applied and will cause taxes and penalties to be charged directly from the Board of Equalization if audited.

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