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BalloonTHIN Kits - Circles 1/2" in Silver & White

Everything you need to make a Confetti Balloon Event Shine !

Kits come with our THIN lightweight metallic Confetti with 12" Balloons, Funnel, Sticks & Clips.
Over 250 Balloon Color Kits to choose. Find them in our Kit Color Finder QUICK List
Click For Balloon Accessories or BalloonTHINs in Bulk or How to make a Confetti Balloon.
$13.99 USD
SKU: BTK5292-10
Quantity: 10 Balloons with Funnel
Comes: With Funnel Only
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How to's Videos for Balloons

How to fill a balloon with Confetti Thins, High Float and Helium

Making confetti stick to the balloon

Fill a Balloon Using a Cheapo Funnel

Fill up a Balloon with Confetti Thins and Helium

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